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                  From the demolition of a house to the crushing involved in road maintenance or the construction of new roads, mobile compressors have become indispensable equipment for the construction site, providing power for a variety of on-site construction tools. Fidelity's full range of mobile air compressor equipment can meet a variety of volumetric flow and pressure requirements. All designs are designed with harsh working conditions and uninterrupted use for a long time, and are designed and manufactured with the customer's personal experience as a guide.


                  Application example: In each construction site, Fidelity mobile machine is widely used in hand-held pneumatic tools, such as drill holes, core drilling, blasting, snoring, hammering, tamping, pumping, sawing, riveting, pneumatic pumps. Wait.


                  Recommended models:


                  LUY120-7, LUY085-14, LUY100-10, LUY130D-7, LUY200-10, LUY220-8, LUY050-7


                  Working pressure: 7-14bar


                  Air flow range: 5-22m3/min


                  Max. ambient temperature:50°C (122°F)