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                  Blast hole exploration

                  From the exploitation of polymer minerals, limestone to metal minerals, blast hole drilling is often used in harsh environments and in remote areas. This type of harsh working environment requires solid and stable equipment to perform tasks. Fidelity's mobile air compressors are equipped with low-temperature and high-altitude starter kits, and large-volume diesel tanks can satisfy satisfactory solutions such as long-term uninterrupted operation. Simple equipment operation and convenient maintenance also ensure maximum working hours.


                  Application example: Fidelity mobile machine is suitable for mining of various types of minerals and provides power for various types of pneumatic drilling rigs. Drilling in mines to mine small boulders, obtaining valuable minerals or processing into smaller particles or powders, making them into cement, is widely used in iron ore, copper ore, gold mines, or cement plants.


                  Recommended models:


                  LUY160-14, LUY180-19, LUY220D-21, LUY250D-21, LUY290D-21


                  Working pressure: 7-21bar (250-300psi)


                  Air flow range: 16-29m3/min (564-1023cfm)


                  Max. ambient temperature: 50°C (122°F)